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BOPET Matte base Film

Product description :

The MA210 lusterless base film is produced by the special raw material and special manufacturing process . It is good tensile strength and heat shrinkage two-way stretch polyester film. The mute luminosity May be adjusted according to the user's needs .

Product specification & property

Item Typical Value Item Typical Value
Thickness(um) 16~50

Tensile strength(MPa)(MD/TD)

Width(mm) 500-2000 Elastic Modulus  3400/3500
Inner roll 3" or 6" Heat shrinkage(%)(MD/TD)  1.0/0
Length(m) 6000~24000 Gloss(%)


Product characteristic :

1)Low gloss ;

2)High fog and low Light transmission rate ;

3)Superior smoothness ;

4)Suitable heat shrink .

Product application :

1)It is suitable for printing packing of high-grade cigarette and liquor ;

2)It is also used in domestic electric appliances , computer precision instrument equipment and so on special upscale shift product manufacture and matte to decorate the interior materials and high grade transferring production .

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